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“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Devan Griner and his team at Peak Plastic Surgery.”

“Dr. Guilfoyle made me feel comfortable, like we'd been friends a long time.”

“The office staff was kind, friendly, and so helpful. They made me feel comfortable and heard.”

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Dr. Devan Griner

Dr. Devan Griner, a native of Utah, is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of surgical training and extensive experience. He is a prominent figure in the field of medical aesthetics and is an accomplished author in the medical community. Dr. Griner's expertise extends from pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery, and his commitment to excellence and patient wellbeing makes him a highly sought-after professional in the world of plastic surgery.

Dr. Gregg Guilfoyle

Dr. Gregg Guilfoyle is a prominent plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation. Born and raised near Boston, MA, Dr. Guilfoyle's journey and pursuit of perfection is rooted in his competitive athletic background. He is a graduate of Thayer Academy and the University of Vermont. With a reputation for excellence, he is a trusted figure in the field of plastic surgery, known for delivering natural and transformative results.



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Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial. Look for credentials, experience, and patient reviews. Consultation is also a great opportunity to gauge the surgeon’s expertise and communication style.

Common plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck, and eyelid surgery. These can address various aesthetic and functional concerns.

At Peak Plastic Surgery, we always aim for natural results. We want you to leave feeling like a refreshed version of yourself. Overly dramatic changes are generally avoided, unless specifically requested.

The longevity of results varies by procedure and individual factors, such as aging and lifestyle. While plastic surgery can provide long-lasting improvements, maintenance may be needed over time.

We strive to make sure every patient leaves our clinic happy. In the rare event that you are not satisfied with the results, it’s essential to communicate openly with your surgeon. We can often offer revision surgery or other options to address your concerns.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this. The suitability for surgery depends on individual health, goals, and the specific procedure. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help determine the best timing for you.

Consultations are comprehensive and involve discussing your goals, medical history, expectations, and the surgeon’s recommendations. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and establish trust with your surgeon.

Adhering to post-operative instructions, attending follow-up appointments, and having a support system in place can all contribute to a smooth recovery. It’s essential to be patient and follow your surgeon’s guidance for the best outcome.

Of course! You can visit our gallery to see a variety of before and after pictures for the procedures that we offer.

Final results can take several months to a year to fully manifest, as the body continues to heal and settle. Factors such as genetics, age, and adherence to post-operative care can influence the outcome.
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