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About Dr. Devan Griner

Devan Griner was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He became passionate about craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery early in life. He was introduced to the field of craniofacial surgery after watching a documentary his father (George Griner) filmed about a cleft lip/palate organization called Operation Smile. At the age of 14 he was invited to participate on a medical mission to Vietnam. There he decided that he wanted to become a craniofacial surgeon and dedicate his life to helping kids with birth defects and facial deformities.

Dr. Griner’s Schooling

He received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and attended medical school at the University of Utah. He completed 5 years of general surgery training at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (UNC) in Wilmington North Carolina became Board Certified. He then completed his plastic surgery training at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine Chattanooga.

Finally, he completed a Craniofacial fellowship with Dr Jeffrey Fearon at Medical City in Dallas Texas where he gained his expertise in treating complex craniofacial syndromes such as Aperts, Crouzon, Pfieffer, Treacher Collins, etc. Dr Griner returned to Tennessee and practiced at the Sargent Center for pediatric and craniofacial surgery before returning to Utah to continue his practice in his home state.

Dr. Griner’s Passion

Dr Griner has a special interest in congenital or acquired deformities that affect the appearance of children. This includes cleft lips and palates, craniosynostosis, craniofacial syndromes (Aperts, Crouzon, Pfieffer, Treacher Collins, etc), syndactyly, microtia, congenital ear deformities, orthognathic surgery, and facial trauma.

Throughout all his years training, he became very adept at providing all kinds of reconstruction for cancer and trauma as well as becoming very skilled in aesthetic surgery. Very few surgeons in the state of Utah have had the number of years or level of training as Dr. Griner has. He likes to joke that he didn’t start practice until he had completed the 29th grade.

Dr Griner’s wife, Jenae, is a nurse and shares his passion to help children with deformities. Together they have been on over twenty medical missions to countries all over the world. They travel at least once a year to provide help for these disadvantaged children.Dr. Griner treats any child born with a facial deformity like one of his family and is even willing to council with families that are not close by but may need specialty advice.

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Peak Plastic Surgery is located throughout the Wasatch Front. Click here to find a location most convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you!. If surgery is decided, Dr. Griner performs procedures at the following facilities:

  • Primary Children’s Hospital
  • Utah Valley Hospital
  • Central Utah Surgical
  • Timpanogos Medical Center
  • Park City Medical Center
  • Lone Peak Hospital
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